Notes on an Urban Kill-Floor

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Arthur C. Clarke believed, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” as is any good line of poetry. In Jaamil Kosoko’s work, magic, in its various forms, makes its way onto each page. He is a seer and protector of memory amidst a generation obsessed with finding new ways to sever distance. There is a constant pyre in this collection of searing poems where stars and systems converge.
--Remica L. Bingham, Author of Conversion (Lotus Press, 2007)
Thank you to all the 2010-11 contributors for making this book possible.

Seven Bulack
Oceana Wilson

John Alexander
Lizzet Alvarez
Sarah Anton
Adam Balas
Desiree Beebe
Karen Bernard
Megan Bridge
Adrienne Bryant
Libby B
Cassidy Lake Barnes
Jenni Bowman
Corinna Burns
Yve Laris Cohen
Corrina Collins
Niki Cousineau
Sunshine Deffner
Kathleen Driscoll
Santiago Ferreira
Manfred Fischbeck
Marcel Foster
Karen Getz
Eibhlin Gleeson
Lamont Hill
Maggie Hoak
Sophie Holt
Jen Hyatt
William Jameson
Beth Jewett
Richard Kamenitzer
Daniel Kluger
Ruth Koelewyn
Tugce Kurtis
Rebecca Lloyd-Jones
Nilas Martins
Wythe Marschall
Marie Mattson
Ryan Merkel
Amanda Miller
J. Lauren Mondala
Craig Peterson
Simone Perszyk
Jean Marc Phanor
Nora Quinn
Diana Richey
Regina Rock
Dan Rothenberg
Marte S.
Amy Smith
Jane Stojak
Christina Wallace
E. Wills
Brenden Wynn
Stacey Yen

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