Frascati 1
Nes 63
Phone: 020 626 68 66

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Pain is the heart of this performance, a poignant story about loss and escape from a hopeless situation. In response to the violent death of his brother, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko explores the tangle of subcutaneous racism, violence, stereotyping and secret fascination surrounding Blacks in our culture. Upon entering, the floor littered with objects: a bottle of household bleach, a basketball to a heavy chain, photos of crying black men ... While the audience sits around, shooting a scantily clad, androgynous figure with smooth dark skin of their first reactions. In a show that switches effortlessly lecture performance through poetry slam to ritual séance, Kosoko explores require contradictory feelings (erotic) and fear around the dark body and he confronts the viewer with their own latent prejudices.