Jaamil Kosoko performs at The Third Annual Black Aesthetics as Politics Conference in Pittsburgh

Duquesne University Pittsburgh

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Call for Presentations Black ExistentialismS: Situating Black Existential Philosophy

Existentialism is a theory on the meaning of the being of human being. Black
existentialism is a theory on the meaning of the being of blackness. Blackness, like
being, has a myriad of understanding, explanations, and explorations.

Celebrating the diversity of understandings, explanations, and explorations into the
meaning of blackness within cultural, political, philosophical, and aesthetic life,
Duquesne University in conjunction with the Black Aesthetics and Politics series
invites participants from a wide range of disciplines and mediums to this year's
topic, Black ExistentialismS: Situating Black Existential Philosophy.

This year's conference focuses the different experiences and differential histories and
difference existentialisms throughout the Diaspora. What are those aspects of living that
influence who we are, what we are, and our world? While geography or place has become
a critical aspect of much of existential philosophy, we have yet to fully acknowledge and
incorporate it in the creation of knowledge and the construction of world and identity for black existentialism. Black ExistentialismS asks whether place is significant in the construction of race identity, or if the experience of race is ubiquitous throughout the world.

This conference seeks to provide multi‐dimensional aural and intellectual
encounters and experiences ranging from innovative paper presentations to poetry
to monologue, to music to photography and installation and stage art as a means of
expressing black existentialisms. We are interested in the development of
differential accounting of the meaning and experiences of being black; through
articulating our differences we come to appreciate our deeper similarities.

Ytasha Womack author of Post‐Black: How a Generation is
Redefining African American Identity
Jaamil Olawale Kosoko of The Philadiction Movement
Staycee Pearl of Staycee Pearl Dance
Send submissions and inquiries to hailej1@duq.edu