Jaamil Kosoko performs in Spring Trilogy

Christ Church Neighborhood House
20 N American St
Philadelphia , PA

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Planting the seeds for cross-pollination, SPRING TRILOGY is a three-part experiment in spontaneous art making, cross-disciplinary risk-taking, and new collaborations; blossoming in twelve performances over three nights. May 16, 18, and 19.

Jaamil Kosoko performs with Chris Forsyth on Sunday, May 19, 7:00pm

also sharing the bill with...
Leah Stein + Zachary Fairbrother
Olive Prince + Jeff Zeigler
Mason Rosenthal + Murmuration

More About Spring Trilogy
Part of Thirdbird’s ongoing BLIND DATE series, musicians and dancers are matched with someone they have never performed with and challenged to: “make a plan, or plan not to”, SPRING TRILOGY is a way of exploring the diverse and multifaceted community of sound and movement makers in Philadelphia today.

In a field where it is easy to fall into habits, and routines, the chance to reframe perspective can be a path to artistic growth. Behind each movement and reverberation is the potential for something once-in-a-lifetime amazing (with disaster an equal possibility) unfolding for everyone simultaneously.

SPRING TRILOGY explores and introduces Philadelphia's diverse, multigenerational community of sound and movement makers. These artists will try something new. And they will try it for the first time in front of you.