Shannon Murphy - Performer

Shannon Murphy (dancer) loves to move, in fact there is nothing else she'd rather be doing at any given moment. That is why she started dancing in Ohio, and why she continues to explore, redefine and create dances today. Currently, Shannon resides in Philly where she is constantly challenged and inspired by the artists around her. Dancing with Group Motion, IdiosynCrazy Productions, Kosoko Performance Group, SCRAP Performance Group, along with independent choreographers Jennifer Morely, and Kathryn TeBordo, Shannon has continued on her journey to experience as much movement as possible. Shannon's passion for dance along with the commitment to change dance education brought her to the Franklin Method. A recent graduate of the level two training, Shannon uses the Franklin Method in her pedagogy, her choreography and teaches workshops, weekly classes, and private sessions in Philadelphia to both professionals and dancers in training. Developing her own kenetic vocabulary her work displays physical exertion, emotional intrigue, and a curiosity of functional design. She has a BA from Point Park University, and has studied at Studio Harmonique, Paris France, with the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange and at Melt. (visit